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    Iran Adventure Tours

Sometimes a trip turns into an adventure, giving you the opportunity to test your limits, learn something new, or just find yourself. You may find yourself alone on a snow-covered mountaintop or diving into the mysterious depth of the ocean with a team. Actually, adventure is about embracing new experiences in the heart of nature with any destination. If you are planning to travel to Iran and wondering what are the adventure activities in the country, you can join our Iran Adventure Tours to benefit from these types of activities.

Iran is a vast country that stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea, a country with beautiful landscapes including deserts, lakes, forests, and mountain peaks. With a variety of climate zones and stunning nature, Iran is also a country where high mountains, deserts, and forests lay close together in some areas.

Seek your thrills in this vastly diverse country, where you do not have to worry about your limited time and money. With Iran adventure tours, you can experience mountain biking, trekking and hiking, canyoning and caving, and many more activities.

It is our pleasure to present the following tours as a selection of suggestions and inspirations for Iran Eco tours suitable for all tastes.

The most popular adventure activities in Iran:

Mountain Biking in Iran

About 55% of Iran consists of mountains and mountain plateaus. There are a number of routes and trails that you can choose for mountain biking in Iran. Here are some of the best routes to go mountain biking in Iran:

  • Eshtehrad in Alborz Province
  • Mehraban in Eastern Azerbaijan Province
  • The Alborz Mountains
  • The Zagros Mountains
  • Hezar Kuh in Kerman Province

Trekking and Hiking in Iran

Trekking and hiking in Iran’s vast plains are getting more popular these days. If you are looking for doing some adventure activities in Iran, you are welcome to participate in one of our Iran adventure tours. Here are the possibilities for trekking and hiking in Iran:

  • Mount Damavand
  • Talesh Mountains
  • Hyrcanian Forests
  • Arasbaran Forests

Canyoning and Caving in Iran

Canyoning and caving are the adventure activities in Iran that became more popular in the past few years. Some of the best places for canyoning and caving in Iran are:

  • Haygher Canyon (Tang-e Haygher or the Grand Canyon of Iran)
  • Rageh Canyon
  • Reghez Canyon
  • Shirez Canyon
  • Ali Sadr Cave
  • Ghoori Ghaleh Water Cave
  • Katale Khor Cave
  • The Kharbas Cave

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