Amazing Facts About Persian Language

Persian language is one of the most important and key elements of Iranian identity. The language is considered as Iran’s official and national language. Since long time ago, Persian Language has been very influential in other countries such as India and former Ottoman Empire. It is said that when Shah Esmail Safavi send a piece […]

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The Persian Caravan Train – A journey through Persia on a private train

Rail cruising is a great way to absorb the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of Iran. In an era when time is a luxury, you can take a hint from the glamour of yore and indulge in slow-moving, on-the-ground transport. Persian Caravan Train is a luxury train recently lunched geared toward foreign tourists. The Persian […]

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What is the Best Time to Visit Iran?

What are the main factors that cross your mind when planning to travel? Cost? Weather conditions? Sightseeing? For sure, one of the most concerns of any traveler is the weather. Is it going to be rainy or sunny? What should I bring with myself? And so many other questions. If you have the same concern […]

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