Iran Desert Tours

    Iran Desert Tours

If you are having a hard time saying goodbye to summer and do not know where to travel in winter or fall, then it is time to consider Iran as a destination with fantastic desert tours.

Iran is a vast country and the home of the most spectacular natural attractions. Actually, it is a desired destination in the Middle East for most of the travelers. Iran is a country with diverse climates in different regions. It is surrounded by the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf in the south; besides, there are the Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges which provide a fantastic view of the snow-covered mountains, and of course, a frigid climate in winter. On the contrary, unique deserts in the center and east of Iran provide a blistering climate in summer. However, the temperature drops down in autumn and provides great conditions for desert tours in Iran.

In case ancient monuments and mosques cannot quench your thirst as a traveler to Iran, we offer you to enjoy the picturesque views of deserts, an unparalleled form of barren life.

Let us take you on a magical tour of the breathtaking deserts of Iran. The hottest spot on the face of the earth in the Lut Desert, the golden sand dunes of the Maranjab and Mesr deserts, and great salt pans of the Dasht-e Kavir desert are just some of the fascinating spectacles of the vast deserts in Iran. You will be taken away from the city, in comfortable 4×4 off-road vehicles to embark on an eclectic mix of traditional and modern desert adventures. You will be able to ride on a camel, surf the dunes, then relax in a cozy Iranian desert campsite as the sky changes colors before your eyes at sunset!

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