Kashan Rose Water Festival: Golabgiri in Iran

Kashan Rose Water Festival, also known as Golabgiri, is an annual event held in the central Iranian city of Kashan, celebrating the beauty and fragrance of the region’s famed roses. The festival, which takes place in May and June, offers visitors a chance to experience the color and aroma of the thousands of roses in […]

Zurkhaneh, A Place for Learning Integrity

Zurkhaneh, literally “The house of strength”, is a traditional gym where ancient Iranians have been exercising for more than 7 centuries. It also was a symbol of resistance when Arabs invaded Persia in 637 CE which kept alive a spirit of bravery and perseverance. This ancient sport is originally from Iran, although it can be […]

Adventure Activities in Iran

Iran is one of the largest countries in the world, and it has different types of climates, and various wildlife areas. Are you a nature lover who enjoys mountain biking, trekking, hiking, canyoning, and caving? Are you wondering where and how you could do some of these activities in Iran? If yes, just take a […]



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