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Iran offers plenty of incredible destinations for travelers. From its rich culture and historical legacy to exceptional landmarks and breathtaking natural scenery, this country has it all. The perfect Iranian travel experience awaits you. At Rashin Travel, a trusted Iran travel agency and tour operator, we are ready to assist you every step of the way. Our team covers every corner of Iran, having spent years uncovering the very best and hidden gems in the country. With our expertise, we can help you plan your dream holiday in Iran.

Not quite ready to plan yet? Take a look at our comprehensive Iran Travel Guide, which provides inspiration and valuable information to help you get started.

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The Iran tours featured on our website are meant to provide you with ideas for your upcoming travel in Iran. Consider them as a source of inspiration, as each trip will be customized by one of our specialized Iran travel experts to suit your preferences and budget effectively.

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Iran Classic Tour in 8 days

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Discover Iran by Land in 21 Days

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8 Days Iran Budget Tour

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From Persian History to Nomadic life in 15 Days

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Ideas for Your Trip to Iran

Every itinerary on our travel website is expertly crafted by a Rashin Travel Specialist to match your specific preferences. With their meticulous planning and extensive local knowledge, rest assured that every detail will be taken care of while you embark on a personalized tour of Iran. Book your trip with confidence, trusting in the expertise of a professional travel agency based in Iran.

Local Experience You’ll Love with an Iranian Local Travel Agency

Embark on a memorable journey through Iran with the guidance and expertise of an Iranian tour company. While solo travel may be your passion, relying on Rashin Travel, a trusted local agency, will make planning your trip a breeze. Whether you’re seeking a week-long adventure to explore Iran’s highlights or a leisurely exploration of this captivating country, we’ve got you covered.

Feel confident and safe on your journey to Iran

Tour packages in Iran are often more convenient and cost-effective compared to organizing your own trip. Therefore exploring Iran through guided tours takes away the hassle of planning and ensures that your trip is both convenient and cost-saving. With a trusted Iranian travel company, you can count on safe and optimized routes, as our experienced guides have an in-depth understanding of the local landscape. Not only do they ensure your safety, but they also enhance your experience by providing insightful knowledge and making your tour more engaging. It’s no wonder that tours in Iran are highly sought-after.

At Rashin Travel, we prioritize the well-being of our clients and local teams above all else. As travel resumes, we have implemented a new set of standards to safeguard the health and safety of everyone involved. Rest assured, you can explore Iran with peace of mind with us. Choose the best travel agency in Iran and embark on a memorable journey with Rashin Travel.

Scope of Travel Services in Iran 

Iran Tour Booking

Enjoy different attractions and activities in various cities in Iran. From private tours to group tours, you can book for any daily excursions & activities with us.

iran tour operator

With in-depth knowledge of Iran, our team offers guidance and tailored solutions to get magical experiences for all Iran travelers.

iran tour agency

Book for your handpicked boutique and design-driven hotels in Iran. A stay to remember, an inspiring and soulful spaces that render exhilarating experiences with us.

iran travel agency

Book your transfer for anywhere in Iran & get to your destination point with maximum comfort. 24/7 support service, reliable drivers with comfortable cars with Rashin Travel!

iran visa with iranian travel agency agency

Apply for Iran visa with the help of our visa experts with peace of mind. Iran tourist visa, Iran business visa and Iran treatment visa are available upon your request.

iran travel insurance

Rashin Travel provides Iran Travel Insurance which gives you full coverage whenever and wherever it is needed during your travel to Iran. Get your Travel Insurance to secure your Iran trip with peace of mind.

iran cip reservation with Iran travel agency

For your top-class needs, there is a range of customized and high-level airport services. You can book your CIP services in Iran very easily through Rashin Travel.

iran ticket booking

You can easily book your flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and ferry tickets (passenger and cargo) in Iran through Rashin Travel with peacefulness.

24/7 Customer Service 

Our team of experienced tour specialists have travelled to every corners of Iran and have decades of first-hand travel experience to share. Contact us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered! Speak to our Iran travel specialists +98 912 921 1611

What you’ll receive
Personalized journeys

Traveling in Iran with a private guide and driver you’ll do what you want, when you want with the freedom to change your plans on the fly.

Expert planning

With deep in-country knowledge, our Iran travel experts tailor each experience to your preferences, ensuring you can make the most of your time away.

Local guides

Unlock details you may have overlooked with insider information only a local, private guide can offer.

Unbeatable support

Each booking includes 24/7 support, in case anything comes up and if changes to your itinerary occur, you’ll receive live updates via Rashin Travel consultants.

Why Book a Tour with Rashin Travel?

Established in 2014, Rashin Travel is a modern and dynamic Iran travel agency that strives to provide the best services tailored to your needs. Our direct focus on delivering authentic and high-quality experiences sets us apart, making us one of the top travel agencies in Iran. With a wide range of packages available, Rashin Travel offers fully-flexible services that allow you to have your entire holiday designed and planned according to your specific budget and travel requirements. This personalized approach makes us one of the best Iranian travel agencies in the industry. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Rashin Travel stands out among Iran tour operators, providing exceptional trips and services.

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