What to wear in Iran as a tourist?

A big concern for people traveling to Iran is the dress code. They wonder what they should wear. Does the color of their dresses matter in Iran or not? What do women wear in Iran? And so on. Here, we are going to answer all these questions and give you useful tips on the dress […]

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Best of Ski Resorts in Iran

If you are planning to travel to Iran and go skiing in the winter, you surely won’t be disappointed. Iran is a mountainous country with a number of peaks with over 4000 meters of height (Read more about the best mountains in Iran). This fact makes Iran a perfect destination for doing winter sports. At […]

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Smoke-free City With BDOOD Bicycles

BDOOD (also Bidood), literally means “smoke-free” is the name of bicycles which are provided by “Pak Charkh Iranian” company aimed to reduce air pollution, increase general health, improve transportation system in Iran reduce transportation costs, Their Slogan is “smoke-free city with Bdood “. It was on the 24th Iran international ELECOMP (Electronic, computer & E-commerce) […]

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Iran Safety – Is It Safe to Travel to Iran?

With no doubt, one of the main concerns of every traveler to a new destination is safety. Considering that Iran is located at the heart of the Middle-East, safety becomes a bigger issue for tourists. However, despite all negative stories and news about Iran, you will surely experience nothing except happiness and safety in the […]

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Transportation in Iran

Iran is a vast country and its natural and special characteristics have resulted in expansion of transportation network in this country. Its connection to important oceans and seas and the very big area of the country have resulted in variability of passenger transportation in Iran. If you are among those people willing to travel to […]

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