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The beauty and variety of scenery to be found throughout Iran is simply second to none. In addition to the natural splendors, you are very likely to see nomadic tribes in many parts of the country. Iran has the largest population of nomads in the world, the majority of them still living and dressing in their traditional ways. If you would like to visit them and spend a few days with them, you can join our Nomad Tours in Iran.

Nomadic life has been defined by migration from one place to another. Nomads follow their way into the new mountains and fresh plains to find good pasture for their cattle. In fact, all members of an Iranian nomadic tribe travel together to find rich natural resources and food for their animals. This amazing experience is only one of the authentic things that you will do by participating in our Nomad Tours in Iran.

Nomads in Iran belong to different tribes depending on the place of their origin. They choose different routes to migrate forth and back during cold and hot seasons. They live their simple and beautiful lives in the heart of the colorful and peaceful nature and far from the modern life and its worries. Depending on where they originate and where they migrate, Iranian nomads are divided into different tribes with their own specific names.

By spending a couple of days in our Nomad Tours in Iran, you will have everlasting enjoyment and exhilarating memories of a simple life lived by a nomad tribe in Iran. Do experience our memorable Iran nomad tours and live a few days like shepherds or simple countrymen regardless of worldly worries of your own life.

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