Since June 29th 2019, Iran’s government has decided to allow Chinese citizens to travel to Iran without a visa. It means that, Iran will no longer require Chinese visitors to obtain visa. After that, Iran Ministry of foreign affairs has set up regulations for waving visa requirements for the entry of the Chinese nationals into the Islamic Republic of Iran from early July so they can easily enter Iran without visa.
The move is meant to encourage more travelers from China to visit Iran. Similarly, in a related move earlier this month, Iranian president, Dr.Rouhani ordered authorities to dismantle requirements for mandatory stamping of passports for foreigners arriving in Iran. In other words, Iran will no longer stamp visitors’ passports, allowing them to bypass a US entry ban on travelers who have visited the Islamic Republic.

For how long Chinese travelers can stay in Iran without visa?

If you travel for leisure purposes for a maximum stay of 15 days, Iran visa fee is FREE. It can be extended in Iran.


What is the Iranian visa process for Chinese travelers?

As a Chinese traveler you do not need visa for entering Iran; all you need is a valid passport from your country of origin (China). However, it must not have a stamp from a visit to Israel (or exit stamps at the relevant Egyptian or Jordanian border crossings into Israel). If you do have one, you won’t be allowed in the country. In addition, it’s good to know that Iran visa won’t be stamped in your passport. It’s a kind of paper visa.

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