Rail cruising is a great way to absorb the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of Iran. In an era when time is a luxury, you can take a hint from the glamour of yore and indulge in slow-moving, on-the-ground transport. Persian Caravan Train is a luxury train recently lunched geared toward foreign tourists. The Persian Caravan train provides wonderful excursions in popular Iranian cities. On this high quality train, a traveler gets an amazing opportunity to experience royalty but running on wheels.

While the service quality and amenities akin to tours operated by the English Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, but; Persian Caravan train tour is an affordable journey. 


Iranian Luxury Train

Iranian luxury train offers a high level of comfort and services in a pleasant atmosphere. There is 24-hour service in each carriage, facilities including private bathroom, a library LCD screen, large windows, air-conditioning, etc. This luxury train offers a chef-prepared menu with a wide range of Iranian foods. You can enjoy your meal in a beautifully designed dining car. This train place provides a warm, naturally lit observation area. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while taking in the scenery.

During this amazing trip Travelers are served aboard the train or in five-star hotels. On Persian train tour, Local English-speaking tour guides offer explanations of the most highlighted attractions in each city. So, there are many opportunities to experience Persian cuisine, shopping and learn more about Iranian culture.

The service of Persian Caravan begins the moment you board and are greeted with a local drink on arrival. A porter assists you to settle your cabin. Your service attendant is available to assist you in making yourself at home in your cabin.

Persian Caravan


Persian Caravan Exclusive Train Tour  

An extraordinary journey awaits you when you embark on a luxury train tour. Iran luxury train tour offers great experiences in several beloved Iranian cities such as Isfahan. Isfahan is well known for its magnificent Persian gardens and magnificent historical heritages.

This train tour also includes visits to Persepolis and Pasargadae, UNESCO world heritage sites dating back to the Achaemenid Empire. These ancient heritages are ranked among the world’s greatest sites of antiquity and the warmness of the Iranian people.

Passengers will also stop in Yazd. City of Yazd is very famous for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Persian handicrafts and its high quality confectionery. The Persian caravan train also goes to Kerman which is very well known for its tropical fruits and dates, excellent beef and dairy products.

Finally, passengers will make their way back to Tehran where they will stay at a hotel overnight before catching their flight back home.

You can easily check the Persian Caravan Tour information and book it.

The Persian Caravan Train allows travelers to experience the real Iran in the best and safest way. Read more about transportation means in Iran