Abbasi hotel is the oldest hotel on Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue, Esfahan, Iran. Certainly, Abbasi caravansari is a unique heritage and a five-star luxurious hotel in Esfahan. It is built with a unique architecture and its construction dates back to the glorious Safavid era. During those days, the city of Esfahan enjoyed such majesty and glory that it was called ‘half of the world’. Among the works of Esfahan’s architecture remaining from Safavid era, one can mention the complex of Madrasah (School), Bazaar, and Caravanserai. These are shining along Chahar Bagh Street like unique gems. Shah Sultan Hussein Safavi constructed this complex as a gift to his mother. Shah Abbasi hotel is, according to the local and foreign travelers to Esfahan, one of the most beautiful Hotel-Caravanserais of the whole world.

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Abbasi Hotel, An old Caravanserai

Shah Abbasi Hotel is a 300-year-old edifice at the heart of the city of Isfahan.  Even more, this historical monument in the eyes of local and international tourists, historians, prominent architects, and professional tourists, carries the nickname “The world’s most beautiful hotel”. 


Rooms and Facilities

Abbasi Hotel is a very unique hotel located at the heart of Isfahan. This hotel has 225 rooms and suites including standard, single and double, Cheshmandaz, and Paradise rooms; standard, Qajar, and Safavide suites; two and three-bedroom apartments. All of the aforementioned rooms are equipped with special safety systems and are constructed based on international hotel standards.

The turquoise dome of Chaharbagh School creates a marvelous view for garden-side rooms. Qajar and Safavid design of some suites are among interior design elements which are unique in this hotel. So, you may feel like living in the paintings and patterns, as you enjoy the interaction of colors and light.


Standard Rooms 

The standard room of Abbasi Hotel has a nice view of the city of Esfahan. It has all the welfare facilities such as European w. c., bathroom, speedy Internet, LCD, hair dryer, safety box, coffee and tea service, mini bar, and so on.

Chashmandaz Rooms

Abbasi Chashmandaz room has the view to a beautiful garden and has a relaxing atmosphere. Despite its simple arrangement, it has all the facilities available in the hotels.

Paradise Rooms 

Hotel Abbasi Pardis rooms are luxurious rooms with modern arrangement and a unique view of the garden, besides all standard facilities of best hotels.

Abbasi suites

Abbasi suites have a modern and luxurious arrangement with a view of the garden and all the facilities of the nicest hotels. For example, its Qajarid suites have twin beds with the architectural style of Qajarid era and a dreamy and fanciful atmosphere along with a view of the garden. Similarly, its Safavide suites are twin bedrooms facing the garden whose main buildings belong to Safavid era. Most noteworthy, Safavid architecture has significantly inspired the decoration . The combination of stucco works, Muqarnas, and other types of Persian ornamentation has created a unique atmosphere for these suites that you can rarely find in other places.


abbasi hotel

Restaurants of Abbasi Hotel     

You can enjoy eating at the luxurious restaurants and traditional restaurants of Abbasi hotel which are described below: Chehel Sotun Restaurant is the place where you can sense a magnetic beauty and delicacy upon entering it. The paintings on the wall in two styles of Safavid and Qajar, the chairs inspired by the throne of Darrius the great in the stone reliefs of Persepolis, and all other decorations are really nice and beautiful. This restaurant has two floors with the capacity of 400 people. certainly it is more like a museum than restaurant. This restaurant serves different kinds of appetizers, Persian and European specialties, and marine foods and desserts. Even more, this restaurant serves meals along with live music from 12 to 15 and from 19 to 23.


Breakfast Hall of Abbasi Hotel

Luxurious Abbasi Hotel of Isfahan has a breakfast hall which is decorated with Qajarid style. In addition, Floral motifs in this part of the edifice is fascinating. The beautiful facade of the turquoise dome of ‘Chahar Bagh Madrasah’ astonish any visitor.


Naghshe Jahan Café of Abbasi Hotel

Naghshe Jahan café is a blend of beautiful and lasting designs and patterns and manifests the ancient and original Persian art. It provides an agreeable atmosphere for your official and friendly visits. This café is open from 8 to 23, and it serves different kinds of desserts, cake, coffee, ice cream, as well as delicious types of pizza and fast food to entertain the guests.

Naghshe Jahan Café of Abbasi Hotel

Traditional restaurant of Abbasi hotel

Traditional restaurant of Abbasi hotel is located at the end of the garden and in its eastern side. This house has been restored 20 years ago and has now two parts of open space and roofed salon.  most noteworthy, it is a majestic host for its guests. The roofed part with its marvelously painted designs take you to the memorable days of the past. The opening time of this restaurant is from 19 to 23.

Traditional restaurant of Abbasi hotel

Teahouse of Abbasi Hotel

In the northern side of the hotel and opposite the main entrance, there is a stall with lofty and tiled walls and a high ceiling; there are two double-floored Eivans on the two sides that are used as the tea house of this nice hotel. This tea house serves different kinds of tea, coffee, and soup (Ash-e-Reshteh) from 16.30 to 22.30.

Chashmandaz Restaurant

Chashmandaz restaurant is the last restaurant of this hotel in which you can see the whole city of Esfahan. Standing at the open space of this restaurant, you can have a 360 degrees view of the city of Esfahan. The view not only is attractive for the local tourists, but it is also amazing for the foreigners. Hence, Cheshmandaz is on of the most popular restaurants of abbasi hotel. Furthermore, this restaurant has the capacity of serving 250 individuals and is the best option for family parties and friendly congregations.


Last words

Above all, Abbasi Hotel carries the nickname “The world’s most beautiful hotel”. Absolutely, this grand Persian hotel is a deluxe accommodation in your travel program. It is one the best Iranian hotels you can easily book through Rashin Travel. (Check out all hotels in Iran) We wish you one of the nicest and most memorable stays in this traditional and luxurious hotel during your travel to the historical city of Esfahan, as it is one of the best hotels of Esfahan and Iran.