Top 10 Restaurants in Tehran

The top restaurants in Tehran are the ideal places to experience some delicious cuisine. Therefore, this article’s aim is to provide every Iran travel with a guidebook to all the amazing restaurants across the streets of Tehran. Since Tehran is the modern capital of Tehran and it has several glorious attractions, there had to be some of the best restaurants in the City. These restaurants serve a variety of Persian and international dishes and meals that suits the tastes of tourists from all over the world. 


What are the top Restaurants of Tehran?

Here is a list of most recommended and best places to grab a bite in the Iran capital you should definitely consider to go:


Divan-Best restaurants in Tehran

This fascinating restaurant is famous for its modern Persian foods that is prepared in a very professional way. That is why, it’s very tempting for food lovers. Besides, the service in Divan restaurant in excellent and you will enjoy every single bite of your meal. 

Address: Divan, Modern Persian Cuisine. Sam Center, Fayazi Blvd (Fereshteh), Akhgar St., Bahar St., 7th floor

Tel: +98 21 2265 3853




Naranjestan restaurant welcome its guests with its delicious flavors accompanied by the panoramic views of Tehran. Located in Saadat Abad, Naranjestan restaurant offers a wide range of Persian, international and seafoods along with the a complete coffee shop menu. The flavor of its meals is awesome, so it is highly recommended. 

Address: 12th floor, Sarv commercial complex, Shahrdari square.

Tel: +98 21 2206 6060




Hestooran is a very famous Persian restaurant designed in a stylish and elegant style. Hestooran provides a different experience of Persian hospitality, serving traditional foods of different parts of Iran, in a world class standard.

Address: Second floor, Royal address, Fereshte street, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 2620 9930





Alborz restaurant is among the oldest and one of the most popular Iranian restaurants in Tehran. They offer variety of International and Persian dishes, so definitely do not miss a meal in this restaurant. 

Address: No 3, Nikooghadam alley, North Sohrevardi street, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 8853 4757 




Located in Raamtin Hotel, Bistango offers the best authentic international dining experience. The dishes in Bistango are made by an international team that includes Canadian executive chef Larry Greenwood. This restaurant is divided into two dining rooms. First, a classically decorated main dining hall and second, Bistango Blue which is a private dining room for up to 20 guests.

Address: Ramtin hotel, 1081 Valy-e-Asr avenue, Tehran, Iran. 

Tel: +98 21 8855 4409





Tehran SPU Restaurant is lovely outdoor restaurant located in an area with nice weather at Darakeh. SPU offers lunch and dinner in both open and closed  lounges. Above all, the great view, fresh air and high quality dishes make this restaurant a great place to go in Tehran. So , it is highly recommended. 

Address: Darakeh square, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 2217 3706


7.Gole Rezaeie

Gole Rezaieh is one of the most special nostalgic café restaurants in Tehran. It serves authentic and delicious Persian food in a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the walls of this family run restaurant are decorated by photos from famous artists, musicians, singers, actors and many other well known faces of years long gone, as well as many old paintings and objects. That is why, this restaurant is a must see in Tehran.

Address: Across from the Glassware and Ceramics Museum, 30 Tir street, Tehran, Iran 

Tel: +98 21 6670 7290



Azari is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the most amazing local foods in Tehran. Established in 1948, Azari traditional teahouse is a landmark restaurant in Tehran. It offers a delicious Dizi served in a pleasant and Persian style environment. That is why it is on the top list of the most visited restaurants in Tehran. Moreover, this unique restaurant has live music performances on Thursdays and Fridays.

Address: Across from the city hall, No. 30, Rah Ahan Square, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 5539 0710 



If you are looking for a fancy Japanese restaurant for tasting Japanese and oriental dishes in an attractive and unique environment and paying a little more money, then Kenzo would be a great option for you.

Address: No.30, Khoddami St, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 8888 8222




This place is one of the most popular and a firm local favorite in Tehran. Located in main entrance of Tehran grand bazaar, Moslem is known as being on of the top list of most recommended restaurants in Tehran. So, don’t miss a lunch in Moslem when visiting Tehran grand bazaar. 

Address: No. 15,  Khordad St, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +98 21 5560 2275 


Above all, there are also many other alternatives for cafes restaurants in Tehran that you need to visit ad make enjoyable experience there. So join us now at one of our food and culinary tours.