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14 Days Marvelous Tour in Iran

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Two weeks is a generous amount of time to spend in Iran. With 14 days, you can focus on Persian culture and history, touring the country’s different regions and ancient monuments, or opt to structure your trip around an adventure activity.

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Day 1 – Arriving in Iran

Landing in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), our guide is already waiting to take you directly to the hotel.

Day 2 – Tehran

• National Museum of Iran
• 30-Tir street
• Golestan Palace (UNESCO world heritage)
• Tehran grand bazaar
• National Jewelry museum
After breakfast, our first discovery tour starts. We will lean back on the van and enjoy magnificently decorated palaces, glittering mosques, old bazaars, modern high-rise buildings and shopping centers from the window. We start our journey by visiting Iran National Museum in 30-Tir historical stree. After half an hour we reach the Golestan Palace, where we visit the main part of the palace. At lunchtime, we will go to Tehran grand bazaar before we visit the Crown Jewel Museum in downtown Tehran. In the early evening we will back in our hotel.

Day 3 – To Kashan

• Tabatabai house
• Fin Garden
• Aqabozorg mosque and school
• Kashan traditional bazaar
Today we will proceed toward Kashan and will reach this beautiful city in less than 3 hours. First will visit Tabatabai house. It was built by a carpet dealer in the 19th century and inhabited by the influential Tabatabai family. Then we spend sometime in the shady grounds of a paradise garden with flowering beds, fountains, bathhouses and pavilions. The “Fin Garden” is a national cultural heritage and it is listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. We will also visit Aqabozorg mosque and school and also Kashan traditional bazaar.

Day 4 – To Yazd

• Nain Friday mosque
• Desert excursion

After breakfast we stow the bags again and drive toward Nain. We interrupt our journey in Nain on the edge of the central desert and stretch our feet when visiting the great Friday Mosque. Then we proceed to Yazd desert camps for a half-day desert excursion. In the evening we arrive at our hotel and let the evening end very relaxed.

Day 5 –Yazd

• Tower of Silence
• Dowlatabad garden
• Zoroastrian fire temple
• Fahadan district
The founder of religion Zarathustra founded his religion hundreds of years before Christianity. In Yazd there are still many adherents of his faith today. The city is known for two types of towers: first, the wind catcher towers, which provide the homes with cooler air, and second, the "towers of silence" that are no longer used. In the Temple of Zarathustra, we learn a little more about this special religion when we see the “oldest flame in the world”. Yazd is also an important center of Islamic Shiite belief, which we will learn on our further tour of Amir Chakhmagh Square. The west side of the city's main square is dominated by an impressive building construction. This serves to give more weight to the speeches of the religious leader, especially in the mourning month of Muharram. Yazd is also known for its almond biscuits - your tour guide knows the best places in town!
After having breakfast first, we visit the "Tower of Silence". A tower that was used by the Zoroastrians for the burial of the dead. From the tower of this complex we have beautiful views of the fascinating mud brick city. During a walk we visit a magnificent fire temple of the Zoroastrians and the Dowlatabad garden with its impressive wind towers. At lunchtime we find a bakery where we can try the Yazd cake specialties (optional). The best view of the old mud brick city is then best enjoyed from the roof of the Café Honar.

Day 6 – to Kerman

• Ganjali Khan complex
• Vakil bazaar
After breakfast we will drive to Kerman. After after arriving in Kerman, we first explore the center of the historic trading town of Kerman on foot. The desert architecture with the wind towers and the long halls of the bazaar in the Ganjali Khan complex are fantastic! We stroll through the bazaar, visit the bath house, the school and the Carvanserai. There is a traditional restaurant in an old bathhouse which invites you to a little refreshment.

Day 7– Kerman

• Lut desert
• Shahdad
• Kaluts
• Mahan
• Shazdeh garden
• Rayen
Today we start early for a trip to the edge of the Lut desert. An approximately one-and-a-half-hour drive through the mountainous landscape east of Kerman takes us to the lower desert areas. Shahdad is the last inhabited town on the edge of the desert. The Lut desert is almost invincible due to its sometimes kilometer-long rock formations, the Kaluts, which are arranged in parallel lines. We stop near the Kaluts and take a little walk between the rocks. Afterwards we head west again and after a two-hour drive in Rayen we visit the clay citadel, where our tour guide explains the special desert architecture during a tour. After this visit it is not far to Mahan. There we stroll through the Baq-e Shahzadeh (prince's garden) and enjoy the advantages of Persian garden architecture, which makes optimal use of the climatic conditions and offers refreshment in the desert climate with fountains and watercourses. A short bus ride takes us to the mausoleum of Shah Nematollah Val8, a famous Iranian Sufi master and poet. After about an hour's drive, we reach our hotel in Kerman in the evening.

Day 8 – To Shiraz

• Neyriz
• Maharloo Salt Lake
Today we have to get up early because we have a long way to go. We reach our first stage destination Neyriz after about five hours. Then we will proceed toward Maharloo Salt Lake. Maharloo is a seasonal salt lake about an hour away from Shiraz, with a dominant pink hue because of the amount of red tide in it. We reach our hotel in the evening.

Day 9 – Shiraz

• Nasir-al molk Mosque
• Saraye Moshir
• Vakil bazaar
• Ali Ebn-e-Hamzah Shrine
• Eram garden
• Hafeziye
• Family dinner
Today we explore Shiraz on foot and by van all day. We visit the Nasir-al molk Mosque, also known as the “Pink Mosque”. Then we walk to to Vakil bazaar and Saraye Moshir to visit a wide range of Persian carpets, spices and gold glittering jewelry. We walk across the bazaar to the Karim Khan Citadel, which we can admire from the outside. After the lunch time, we will visit Ali Ebn-e-Hamzah Shrine, which impresses us with its mirrored vault. In the afternoon we walk in the footsteps of the local poet Hafiz in Hafeziye and we walk through the Eram garden as well.
Tonight you will have a family dinner with an Iranian family to become familiar with Iranian culture and cooking. You will experience different traditional main courses, beverages and sweets.

Day 10 – Nomad Excursion

• Nomad Excursion
Today we will hit the road to enjoy a two-day excursion with Nomad tribes. We will proceed toward Sepidan. On the way we will enjoy visiting beautiful sceneries of Oak and grape trees. We will meet the Nomads around noon and we will have our lunch with them. Then we will participate in their daily activities like sheepherding, farming, ranching and handcrafts production. Their products they produce include rice, wheat, beans, apple, peach, yoghurt, butter, dough and curd. Their handicraft consists of carpet and rug weaving. We will have plenty of quiet to enjoy the spectacular surroundings. At the end of the day, we will be back to Shiraz.

Day 11 – Isfahan

• Persepolis (UNESCO world heritage)
• Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam)
• Pasargadae (UNESCO world heritage)

Today we will say goodbye to Shiraz and heat the road for the next highlight of Iran. Fist we will visit Persepolis. There, we marvel at columns and reliefs over 2,500 years old, which testify to the power and wealth of the Achaemenid rulers. Our guide takes us to the Spring Palace and the Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam), where we can admire the rock tombs of the Achaemenid kings. Around noon we reach Pasargadae, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great. Then there is another ride ahead of us until we reach Isfahan in the afternoon.

Day 12 – Isfahan

• Nagsh-e Jahan Square
• Ali Qapu Palace
• Sheik Lotfollah Mosque
• Chehel Sotoun Palace
• Azadegan tea house
Today we start our city tour on foot from our centrally located hotel. After a few minutes we reach Nagsh-e Jahan Square (Imam square). The third largest square in the world is flanked on three sides by great architecture. The great Ali Qapu Palace is in the west. On the opposite is the Shah Mosque and on the north side a masterpiece of Safavid architecture, the Sheik Lotfollah Mosque. Both mosques shine with their blue tiled entrance areas and the blue domes in the sunlight. We visit the Sheik Lotfollah Mosque, the Palace and then the Chehel Sotoun Palace, the so-called "Forty Pillar Palace", before we enjoy some free time to stroll through the bazaar and great Naqsh-e Jahan square If you like, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants around the square. Afterwards we meet again with our guide and visit the Azadegan tea house together, which looks like a real robber's cave due to its unusual decoration.

Day 13 – Isfahan

• Jolfa district
• Vank Cathedral
• Siosepol bridge
• Khaju bridge
After breakfast we will continue our city tour in Isfahan to visit Armenian district called Jolfa. In Jolfa district we will visit Vank Cathedral with its beautiful biblical murals. In the attached museum, exhibits, pictures and documentaries tell about the moving history of Armenia. Our guide gives us a restaurant tip for dinner before we drive back to the hotel. In the evening we meet again to visit Zayandeh River, where we want to stroll along the 33-arch (Siosepol bridge) and the Khaju bridge. Then we spread blankets on the shore and picnic next to Iranian families.

Day 14 – To Imam Khomeini Airport

• Abyaneh village
Today we will hit the road toward Imam Khomeini airport. After about 1 hour we will reach the extraordinary village of Abyaneh, which lies at the foot of the Karkas mountain and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In Abyane village customs are still remained, the women wear colorful dresses and even the old dialect has been preserved. The mud structures press against the rocks and are hardly recognizable from a distance. We enjoy the serenity of this quaint village on a walk (approx. 1 hour, easy) and have the opportunity to have lunch on the imposing panoramic terrace of the Hotel Viuna. We still have about 280 kilometers to go, so in the evening we reach Imam Khomeini Airport.


  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Private car for the entire trip
  • Iran visa application and processing (Iran visa grant notice)
  • Private tour guide for the entire trip
  • Daily nomad excursion
  • Daily desert excursion
  • Iran travel insurance
  • All breakfast meals in hotel
  • One family dinner in Shiraz
  • Personal travel advice
  • Visa collection/stamp fee
  • Entrance fees to the attractions
  • Lunch and dinner


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