Whether you are traveling with little kids or young teens, Iran has numerous things to do and places to visit for those seeking a perfect family trip. There are lots of activities to choose from when you travel to Iran with kids, so once you seal the dates for the perfect family trip to Iran, it is time to plan the little details to spice it all up.

We all have been there; we all know it is a great challenge to travel with children. For sure a 2 hours tour of a historical site would not get their attention so they would not allow parents to enjoy it the most. But, if you mix-match things that everyone in the group enjoys, it would make all the difference. Without bragging about how we do this, here we have listed 10 awesome things to see and do with kids in this thrilling country.

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Top things to do in Iran with kids


1. Desert Safari

For shrieks of nervous excitement and laughter, and one of our favorite things to do in Iran with kids, take the children to desert safari. Unless you are experienced in driving in sands, we don’t recommend that you do it yourselves, but ask a local to take you out. This is a fantastic and fun activity to do when you travel to Iran with kids. Go in the late afternoon and stop in a remote spot for sunset to drink in the view.


2. Exploring Tehran Book Garden

Tehran Book Garden is the largest collection of books and scientific entertainment in Iran. It’ a great place for kids to spend time. Tehran Book Garden is actually a Book Mega Mall which includes, Exhibition spaces focusing on exhibiting books and other sorts of media, Children Science Park, Art Galleries, a Drama Theater, Cinemas and Auditoriums, cafes and restaurants as well as other outdoor event spaces.

tehran book garden for children in Iran


3. Playing in Dunes

For a less adrenalin-fueled experience than desert safari, just head out into the dunes on foot in the early morning or late afternoon. Children will spend hours climbing up the side of the dunes then racing or roly-playing (even teenagers). You’ll get sands in your hair and just everywhere else, but it will keep the children entertained for hours!

fun activities for kids in Iran

4. Spending Time in Eram Amusement Park

Eram park in Tehran is an awesome place to visit for kids when traveling in Iran. This park features an eight-hectare lake and three playgrounds called Luna Park 1, 2 and 3, along with 70 kinds of amusement equipment and a Zoological Garden. During the travel to Iran with kids, visiting Eram park can be a fun activity for all family members. 



5. Visiting Isfahan Aquarium

Children usually love animals, and nothing inspires them more than getting close and connected with nature. Watching all the colorful sea creatures swimming around in a large tunnel can seem pretty magical, especially to young kids. Therefore, when traveling to Iran with kids, visiting Isfahan aquarium is an amazing option.  Isfahan Aquarium which is the first tunnel aquarium in Iran, habitat to more than 6500 aquatic animals of 350 aquatic species from five continents, including six different shark species, is located in Nazhvan Forest Park of Isfahan.


6. Ride a Camel

For a quintessential desert experience in Iran, climb on a camel for a gentle amble across the dunes. Ever popular with the kids, these “ships of the desert’ lumber slowly from side to side and provide the ideal way to see the desert at a slower pace.

kids riding camel in Ira


7. Visiting Iran Land Indoor Amusement Park

Iran Land Amusement Park is known as one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Iran. It is located on the third floor of the Persian Gulf Commercial Complex. This amusement park with 133 diverse and attractive gaming machines, including gyro, Miami, aerial trains, firefighters, playgrounds, makeup rooms, birthday rooms, world-famous video games, 4D and 8D cinemas, etc. can be a great attraction for kids when traveling in Iran.



8. Visiting Milad Tower Dolphinarium

Milad Tower Dolphinarium (Dolphins park) is the first non-coastal Dolphinarium in the Middle East and the highest one in the world which would attract tourists and citizens in the cultural-recreational Milad Tower. Milad Tower’s delphinium is similar to that of the ocean in terms of technology and is capable of keeping a variety of marine mammals in the Iranian capital. This an interesting place for kids to see in Iran.

Milad Tower Dolphinarium


9. Exploring Tehran Jurassic Park

If you are looking for a great theme park for your children, Tehran Jurassic Park is definitely one of the best options. This Jurassic and Spider Park complex in Tehran is a fun, exciting, and at the same time, a scientific place to travel to the world of the biggest and smallest animals. This park can be a unique and exciting place for children and teenagers during trip to Iran.



10. Visiting Human Park

Human Park is a special museum dedicated to teaching both kids and parents about the human body and all its organs. It is a really cool place to see for kids in Iran.