The Iran passport stamp is a hot topic when it comes to traveling to the Middle East. It’s something that causes lots of concerns to Iran visitors. However, it’s not something you need to be concerned about. Read this Iran passport stamp guide to get the latest information.

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Does Iran stamp tourists’ passports?

Iran no longer stamps passports on arrival into the country. Iran travelers are now provided with a slip of paper that serves the same purpose. You are given this upon arrival and you should keep it safe throughout your entire trip in Iran.

No more passport stamps for foreign nationals visiting Iran

The process of stamping Iran tourists’ passports on arrival was phased out because of the problems that stamp incurred. Due to political issues with the west, Iran has decided not to stamp the visitors’ passports for several year now. As a result, your Iran e-visa and the entry stamp will be on a separate paper instead of your passport. So you can easily travel to Iran without a passport stamp.

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When did Iran stop stamping passports?

Since November 2018, Iranian government announced that the country will no longer stamp or put stickers to passports of foreign visitors in a bid to ease their concerns about traveling to other countries after leaving Iran.


The Iran passport stamp

To sum up, To alleviate tourists’ concerns over US sanctions on individuals visiting Iran, Passports of travelers entering Iran will not being stamped. Therefore, the Iranian immigration services no longer stamp visitors’ passport at their entry.

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