The Iran electronic visa application process is 100% online, the form and all supporting documents are submitted electronically and the approved visa is sent by email. After receiving the Iran visa approval, travelers need to present their documents along with the visa approval letter to the Iranian embassies of one of Iran airport to collect their visa. That’s why, travelers are often unsure whether or not they need to print a copy of their Iran visa confirmation.

This article provides an answer to this question and further information about Iran visa grant notice printing requirements.

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Should I print my Iran visa approval letter?

Yes, whether you want to collect your visa in one of the Iranian embassies or consulates, or if you want to collect your visa in one of Iranian airports, you should print out your e-visa confirmation for Iran (Iran visa grant notice). The documents to present in the embassies or airports are as follows:


Mandatory documents:
  • Passport valid for 6 months beyond the arrival date
  • Printout of Iran visa grant notice
  • Valid travel insurance
  • Iran visa collection fee which depends on the applicant’s nationality (check out the exact Iran visa collection fees)


Complementary documents:
  • Hotel / accommodation reservation
  • Visa form (some embassies or consulates may ask you to fill out a printed form when collecting the visa)
  • Host information


A printed copy of the Iran visa grant notice must be shown to immigration authorities on arrival at the airport or in the Iranian embassies or consulates.

Should I print my Iran visa grant notice??

How to print the Iran visa grant notice?

Successful applicants are sent the Iran visa grant notice (VGN) by email, usually within 3-7 days. The visa is attached in PDF format. Travelers can simply open the attachment and print their Iran e-visa.

Moreover, it is possible to log in to Iran e-visa system to download and print the visa from there.

How many copies of my Iran visa should I print?

Travelers are advised to print out at least 2 copies of their Iran tourist visa. Although only one copy is required at the airport or in the embassy, it’s best to have a spare in case of loss or damage.

Travelers should also keep a copy of their printed visa grant notice with them during their stay in Iran. So you’d better keeping a copy of your Iran visa in a sheet protector or other covering.


Does the Iran visa grant notice need to be printed in color?

There are no strict rules about printing the Iran visa grant notice in color or black and white. But, it is recommended to print the visa confirmation in color at the highest quality.

All the details that appear on the visa grant notice must be visible. Iran visa authorities need to verify that the applicant’s details match those on the passport.

The approved Iran e-visa has a machine-readable code (QR code) in the top right corner. This code must appear clearly printed so that it can be scanned by visa officials.


Can I show the Iran e-visa on my phone?

Iranian visa officials at the airports or embassies may not accept a digital version of the visa approval of Iran. That’s why, applicants should print copies of their Iran electronic visa before departure.

Furthermore, by printing Iran visa confirmation before leaving home, travelers do not need to worry about their phone running out of battery or other technical issues.

Can I show the Iran e-visa on my phone?


Can I print my Iran visa confirmation at the airport? 

Iran visa applicants who do not have a printer at home should find somewhere to print the document before they reach the Iranian airports. Some airports may have printing facilities, however there is no guarantee that they will be working on the day of departure. In order to avoid travel disruption, travelers should not leave it until the last minute to print out the essential document to enter Iran. Any traveler who is already at the airport or on their way can check the airport website or ask staff on arrival about printing services.


Where do I show the printed Iran visa grant notice?

The electronic visa can be used get the physical visa in Iranian embassies or to enter the country through one of Iranian airports.

Travelers arriving on an international flight may present their visa confirmation to airline staff before boarding the plane. Moreover, it will be definitely checked when arriving in Iran airport by visa officers in case the applicant has requested an Iran airport visa.

Travelers are reminded that the details printed on the visa grant notice must match the passport used to travel.

Where do I show the printed Iran visa grant notice?


Do I need to carry a printed copy of the e-visa while traveling in Iran?

Foreigners in Iran are advised to keep a printed copy of their visa with themselves during their stay in Iran. The Iran visa acts as proof that a foreign citizen has permission to be in the country.

Although it’s unlikely that a tourist will need their visa after crossing the border, they should have a copy available.

A police officer or other Iranian authorities could ask to see identification in the form of the foreigners’ passport and visa.

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