Iran Medical Visa

How to Get Iran Treatment visa? (Ultimate Guide 2022)

How to get an Iran medical visa in 4 easy steps?


Fill out online visa application form.

2. PAY 

Pay the visa service fee as per the instruction you receive.


Upon visa approval, you will receive a visa authorization code and invitation letter.


Refer to your selected consulate / embassy or airport and collect the visa.

Iran Medical Visa

The country of Iran has a rapidly developing medical tourism industry because of skilled manpower and relatively much lower cost of treatments. Iran Medical Visa (or Iran treatment visa) is a special type of visa for foreign nationals who wish to seek medical treatment in Iran.

How to obtain Iran medical visa?

Obtaining a medical visa for Iran is a straightforward process. So eligible travelers who wish to receive medical treatments in Iran can easily can apply for Iran visa (Type-T).


Step 1 : Apply, Filling Iran Visa Application Form

First of all, applicants must complete the application providing a few essential details which include their full name, date and place of birth, address, contact info and passport data.


Step 2: Payment

Secondly, applicants must pat the visa service fee. Iranian treatment visa processing fee is 160 Euros. You will receive the service bill and the payment instructions after the submission of the application. 


Step 3 : Receiving the Visa Code

Thirdly, the applicants will receive visa authorization code issued by the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs. 


Step 4 : Collecting the Visa

Finally, the travelers must refer to one of the Iranian embassies to collect their visa.

It may be possible to send the documents and receive the visa by mail. You’d better to contact the consulate for more details.

Iran medical visa grant notice

What are the requirements for Iran medical visa?

  1. Complete the visa application form
  2. A copy of the first page of your passport with at least 6 months validity
  3. Personal photo with solid white background
  4. Invitation letter from your doctor or hospital 

How much does it cost to get a medical visa for Iran?

The service fee is 160 Euros for each applicants. Please consider that what you pay here is just our service fee to apply for your visa authorization code. So, you will also have to pay the consulate visa fee where you are referring to for receiving your visa, which varies depending on your nationality. Visa service fee is non-refundable in case your visa request is rejected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How long can I stay in Iran with a medical visa?

The duration allowed in the Iranian medical visa is 30 days. It can be extended in Iran.

How long does it take to get a medical visa to Iran?

It takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the online application. Then the visa authorization code will be issued in 3 to 7 working days.

Is it possible to get the treatment visa on arrival? 

It is not possible to apply for treatment visa upon arrival in Iran, but you can apply for your visa before your departure and choose to collect your visa in the airport. 

Which nationalities can enter Iran without a visa?

Citizens of the following countries do need a visa for entering Iran. They can just book their tickets and enter Iran and there will be no additional fee.

Iran tourist visa is waived for ordinary passports of :

  • Armenia (90 Days)
  • Azerbaijan (30 Days)
  • Bolivia (30 Days)
  • China (15 days)
  • Egypt (20 Days)
  • Georgia (45 Days)
  • Lebanon (30 Days)
  • Malaysia (15 Days)
  • Serbia (30 Days)
  • Turkey (90 Days)
  • Venezuela (15 Days)
Note (American, Canadian and British applicants):

American, Canadian and British passport holders are required to be escorted by a government approved guide at all times. Independent travel for these citizens has been banned due to the closure of Iranian foreign missions in these countries. You can contact our travel consultants for more information. 

What is visa authorization code?

Iran Visa Authorization Code or Iran Visa Grant Notice or Iran Visa Reference Code is your Iran visa approval number which is issued by Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Therefore, with this code you can easily collect your physical visa from one of the Iranian embassies or eligible Iranian airports.

Which medical treatments are allowed on Iran medical visa?

There is no limitation of the medical treatments or procedures that undertake Iran treatment visa.

Here is a partial list of treatments for reference:


  • Consultation with Doctor
  • Hair, Skin Treatment
  • Orthopaedic treatment
  • Oncology treatment
  • Internal surgery
  • Cardiac treatment
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Mental health condition
  • Renal treatment
  • Joint replacement
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • Radio therapy
  • Neurosurgery

Iran Medical Visa Application Form

  • Personal Information

  • Passport Information

  • Travel Information

  • Please mention the treatment you will have in Iran.
  • Please mention the name of your doctor in Iran.
  • Please upload the invitation letter from your doctor or hospital.
  • Name the Iranian embassy or consulate you want to collect your visa from. You might be eligible to collect your passport in one of Iranian airports.
  • Contact Information