Iran Business Visa

  Iran Business Visa 

Iran business visa or Iran entry visa (Iran visa Type A) is for those travelers who are willing to visit Iran for business purposes. If you are willing to apply for business visa to Iran, firstly you need and Iranian registered business company to endorse your visa application. Secondly all you need to do is to send your personal documents such as passport copy and scanned photo along with the documents of your host company. Moreover, you must fill out Iran business application form and wait to get the visa grant notice. 

    Requirements for business visa to Iran

1) Requirement for foreign passport holders:

  • Passport (Validity: at least 6 months)
  • A personal photo
  • Business visa application form


2) Requirements of the host company:

  • The registered name of the host company (The company must be registered in Iran Company Registration General Office)
  • Registration Number of the host company
  • Contact number of the company manager
  • Email address, phone number and office address of the host company
  • Scanned official journal or newspaper of the host company
  • A copy of host company invitation letter with official letterhead, seal and signature

  How long does it take to get business visa for Iran?

Iran Business visa is issued in 2 types of Normal and Urgent. Issuing normal Iran business visa takes 7-10 working days, and urgent business visa for Iran takes less than 3 working days.

    How much does it costs to get business visa for Iran?

Iran visa service fee for normal business visa costs 75 Euros which should be paid in advance. But extra charge for Iran urgent business visa is 25 Euros.

  Is it possible to get business visa on arrival?

The answer is yes. but; it’s possible only if you get the business visa grant number ahead of your trip. It other words, you must apply for business visa before coming to Iran. When your visa grant notice is issued, you can collect your visa upon arrival in the airport.

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    The validity of business visa in Iran

Business visa for Iran can be issued for 30 days and it can be extended in Iran.

Iran business visa

Apply for Iran Business Visa

1 Personal Information
2 Passport Information
3 Visa Information
4 Contact Information

Business Visa FAQs

Is return ticket required with a valid visa?

No. If you have already a valid business visa, so you are not required to have return ticket. However, at the passport control border, an official may ask you about your travel / stay plans. Therefore having your return ticket may be helpful, but not essential.

Can I collect my visa from any Iranian embassy?

Yes. You can collect your visa in any of Iranian embassies or consulates. However, the embassy must be chosen while you are filling the visa application form.

Is Iran travel insurance mandatory to get the visa?

Yes.  In order to get business visa for Iran, first you must have travel insurance. If your travel insurance does not cover Iran, you can easily buy Iran Travel Insurance.

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Is my actual passport needed during the visa process?

No. The actual visa is only needed for visa collection when the visa grant notice is issued.

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