An essential step to being approved for an Iran visa is to provide an identifying photo of the applicant. So several specified requirements must be followed in order to do this. The following guide explains precisely the Photo Requirements for Iran Visa and how applicants should capture a photo that fits the correct specifications. It also details the Iran visa passport photo size criteria that prospective visitors will need to understand before taking and submitting their application.

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Do I need a photo for Iran e-visa?

It is a routine for countries around the world to ask the applicants for passport photos as a part of their visa applications. This is used to help identify the passengers in addition to their passport or other identifying documents. Therefore, this is a very important step to ensure that travelers to the country do not misrepresent their identity and that the correct authorized individuals are admitted entry into Iran. The electronic visa (or e-visa) for Iran is a permit that can be obtained completely online by submitting the Iran application form and relevant supporting documents in digital format.

Therefore, all Iran visa applications require a photograph. To meet the Photo Requirements for Iran Visa, applicants need to upload a proper photo to obtain their Iran visa authorization code (Iran visa grant notice).

Should women cover their hair for the photo of the Iran visa application? 

The answer is no, it’s not mandatory to submit a headscarf photo or Iran visa application.

Photo requirements for Iran visa application

Photos that applicants submit for an Iran online visa must adhere to the following Photo Requirements for Iran Visa

Format and size

The photo for Iran visa application must fit a standard size.

  • It should be inn JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format
  • The photo must be equal to or less than 500 kB (kilobytes) in file size.
  • The photo size with less than 10 kB is not accepted.
  • Passport photo must be sized in 400(minimum-width) x 600(minimum-height) pixels
  • About 70-80% part of the photo must be filled by the applicant’s face
  • The photo should be in a rectangular aspect ratio (height must be greater than width)

Iran visa passport photo requirements


Quality of photo

The photograph for Iran visa application must:

  • be in color
  • no more than 6 months old at the date of application (The photo must reflect your current appearance.)
  • be a natural representation
  • be undamaged
  • not be reproductions (copies)
  • unaltered by computer software
  • be in sharp focus, with sufficient contrast and detail

Quality of photo for Iran visa application



The lighting of a photo for Iran visa form must be as follows:

  • even
  • with no reflection on the face
  • not over- or underexposed
  • without a shadow on the face or in the background
  • with no reflection caused by accessories.

what are the reguirments of Iran visa passport photo?



The position must be as follows:

  • Applicant’s head must shown in full.
  • head should be in the center of the photo.
  • Head should be facing forward.
  • Eyes must be horizontally aligned
  • Head should not be tilted
  • Shoulders must be straight

Iran e-visa photo requirements



The background of passport photo for Iran e-visa application must be as follows:

  • taken in front of a white background
  • plain
  • all one color
  • all one shade
  • contrast sufficiently with the head.

Background-Iran visa photo requirements



The Photo Requirements for Iran Visa regarding facial appearance are as follows:

  • The photo must show the full face of the applicant so that it can be readily identified.
  • Head must be uncovered.
  • Eyes must be fully visible.
  • Ears do not have to be visible as long as the full width of the face is shown.
  • The photo must be taken in clothing which you normally wear on a daily basis.
  • Uniforms should not be worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily.
  • Hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline is not allowed, unless they it is worn on a daily-basis for a religious purpose.
  • The applicant’s full face must be visible, so the head covering must not cast any shadows on the face.
  • Headphones, hands-free devices, or similar items are not acceptable in the passport photo.

appearance - Iran visa passport photo requirements



The requirements for expression are as follows:

  • The photo must be with a neutral facial expression
  • Both eyes must be open in the photo.
  • The applicant must look straight at the camera.
  • The mouth must be closed.

Expression - photo requirements of visa for Iran



Eyeglasses are not allowed in Iran visa application photos, except in rare circumstances when eyeglasses cannot be removed for medical reasons.

In case the eyeglasses are accepted for medical reasons:

  • The outlines of the eyeglasses must not cover the eye(s).
  • There should not be glare on eyeglasses that darkens the eye(s).
  • There should not be shadows or refraction from the eyeglasses that darkens the eye(s).

Can I wear glasses for Iran visa application photo?


Exception for religious reasons

Hats and head coverings should be removed in the visa application photo unless they are worn on a daily basis for religious purposes. To meet the Photo Requirements for Iran Visa, if you keep your head covered because of your religion or belief, then you may keep your head covered for your photo.

  • The head covering must be plain and in one color only.
  • The head covering must contrast with the background.

Men photo requirements for Iran visa

Women photo requirements for Iran visa


Photos of children or toddlers

  • Expression: ‘neutral expression’, ‘looking straight at the camera’ and ‘eyes open’
  • If the child needs support for taking a photo, this must not be visible on the photo. (No other person should be in the photo)

Children photo requirements for Iran visa


Photo Requirements for Iran Visa

Ensuring you meet the Photo Requirements for Iran Visa applications is crucial for a smooth visa process. Submitting the correct documents will help avoid any delays or complications. If you need assistance with your Iran visa application, feel free to contact our visa experts. We’re here to help you every step of the way.