Most embassies and consulates around the world will ask you to submit proof of accommodation along with the other documents.

The reason behind this requirement is that the immigration authorities of every country want to know where you will be staying throughout your trip, and telling them that you will be staying at a hotel or at a friend’s house is not enough. You must submit proof of where you are planning to stay. However, to many, this requirement might seem confusing and frustrating, especially for the fact that every country has different rules and requests when it comes to proof of accommodation.

Obtaining an electronic visa for Iran is the easiest way to obtain authorization to enter the country. The e-visa is an online visa that can be applied for from the comfort of the traveler’s home, or through one of the eligible Iranian travel agencies.

A proof of accommodation document is simply a document that shows you have somewhere to stay during your trip to Iran. Completing the Iran visa application form online involves submitting basic personal information, such as the traveler’s name and nationality, as well as their passport details.


Is a Proof of Accommodation Necessary for an Iran Visa Application?

You are not required to have proof of accommodation in order for your Iran visa to be accepted. However, upon arrival in Iran, travelers may have to give information about their accommodation arrangements when passing through border control. This can be something as simple as the hotel name or the address of a friend’s house. Or, it could be printouts of hotel reservations.

Do I Have to Confirm My Hotel Booking for Iran visa?

It is not necessary to provide a hotel reservation or proof of having organized another form of accommodation while in Iran as part of the supporting documentation for the visa application.

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