Fin Garden is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in central part of Iran (Kashan). This garden is considered as one of the unique gardens all around the world in terms of architecture, history, and nature. Unique architectural principles applied, green space designed, paintings on ceilings, and plaster works on walls are just a part of attractive characteristics of this historical building that, in addition to hundreds of other characteristics, have led this Iranian Garden to be listed in UNESCO Heritage Center.

Visiting this valuable building will surely create a beautiful memory, and this is why all tourists from inside and outside the country are advised to include visiting this amazing place during their travel to Kashan.


Introducing Fin Garden

Fin Garden in Kashan with an area of 33700m2 is surrounded by high walls and cylinder shaped ramparts. Inside the garden, there are towering trees, raceways, the bathhouse, teahouse, and other constructions. The buildings inside the garden have been where the king and courtiers used to live in the past. This place has turned into a tourist attraction for Iranians and visitors from all around the world.

The garden has been previously called Bagh-e Shah (King Garden) because of its large area. Currently this beautiful garden is known as Fin Garden, as it is located in Fin Area in Kashan. Iranian root of the word Fin (Fineh) means those hats worn by the people of the region in ancient times. It has to be noted that in 1935, the garden has been registered in the list of National Iranian Monuments, and it has been enlisted in the World Heritage Centers of UNESCO in 2010.

Fin garden

History of Fin Garden

This very old garden is considered by some archeologists to date back to the reign of Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of Sassanid Dynasty. However, according to historical and official resources, the garden dates back to the reign of Yaqub Leis Saffari, the founder of Saffarid dynasty. It is referred to as a fountain at the heart of the desert.

Fin Garden in Kashan has been existing during different periods (such as the four eras of Saffavids, Zandiyeh, Qajar, and Pahlave) till the present time. Over all these years and due to earthquakes and wars, some parts of the garden have been ruined; however, due to the importance of this beautiful building and because it was favored by the kings of the time, it has been reconstructed and reused many times.

The construction of the royal bathhouse, repair and construction of face walls and curbs around the building and streets, establishment of National Kashan Museum, and adding security and welfare utilities have increased the prosperity of Fin Garden in different periods. Nowadays, the garden is among those tourist destinations of the country with the highest level of visitors.

It has to be mentioned that the garden has experienced many good and bad events including the celebration ceremony of the establishment of Saffavid Dynasty, the murder of the governor of Kashan, the death of a Saffavid king and coronation of his son, and the murder of Amir Kabir in the bathhouse of Fin Garden, which is considered as one of the most important historical events in modern Iran.

Outstanding Architecture in Fin Garden – Kashan

There are many told and untold stories about the murder of Amir Kabir. Travelling to Kashan and visiting Fin bathhouse, you can be aware of more details in this respect. Assisted by the tour guides and/or reading the explanations provided on panels in the complex, much information can be obtained about history of the garden, as well as related events and interesting points.


Architecture and Attractions of Fin Garden

Everywhere in the garden, you can observe masterpieces created by Iranian designers and architects, some of which still being considered as surprising and admired by many engineers and architects.

One of these attractions is Hoze Joosh (Joosh Pond) in Fin Garden with amazing unique design. Primarily, the bottom of the pond has been covered with glazed tiles designed similar to Kashan carpets with medallion and altar design (Toranj-o Mehrab). However, these valuable tiles have been stolen by the bandits.

There have been 160 holes at the bottom of the pond, 80 of which responsible for water suction and the other 80 responsible for water spout. This way, no water overflows the pond, as if a carpet under the water is shaking, creating a unique phenomenon.

Centeral mansion of Fin garden

Another attraction of the garden is a pond with 12 fountains in it, which creates vertical water flow with no help from an outside source, and it has remained the same during all these years.

Fin bathhouse is the most famous part of the garden. Also, Kooshke-Safavi, Shahneshin room, teahouse, Karim Khani private courtyard, and National Kashan Museum can be referred to. Visiting each of the above constructions takes half a day, at least.

Fin garden

Last Words

If you intend to pay a visit to Fin Garden in Kashan, you have to arrange for your visit to be ended before sunset. Visiting time in the first and second six months of the year are respectively 9a.m. to 6:30p.m. And 9a.m. to 4p.m.

The garden is open during all days of week except for the following days in each year due to their historical and religious importance: Tasua and Ashura-ye Hosseini; Ramadan 21 (martyrdom of Imam Ali), 28th of Safar (Demise of Prophet Mohammad), 14th of Khordad (Demise of Imam Khomeini), and 25th of Shavval (Martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadiq). The ticket fee is 25,000Rls for Iranian citizens and 250,000Rls for foreign visitors.

The path to Fin Garden is through Isfahan Province, central part of Kashan City, and small borough of Fin from Fin village, and finally Amir Kabir Street.

Outside the garden area and along Amir Kabir Street, there are many shops and restaurants with pleasurable atmosphere that receive guests from all over Iran and the world. Buying souvenirs including Golab, herbal essences, Haji Badoom, Pashmak, Cookies, and Mohammadi Flower buds from kind Kashani retailers in Kashan can appropriately finalize your experience during your visit to Fin Garden.