Exciting news for travelers worldwide! Iran is opening its doors wider than ever before, making it easier for tourists to embark on an unforgettable journey to this enchanting destination. In a significant move, the Iranian government has implemented an updated Iran visa-free policy, allowing citizens from 28 countries to explore Iran without the hassle of obtaining a visa. Effective from February 4, 2024, this new Iran visa-free policy aims to enhance tourism and promote Iran as an accessible and welcoming destination. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting development and discover the wonders that await you in Iran.


Updated Iran Visa-Free Policy: 15-Day Visa-Free Travel to Iran

Under the newly implemented visa-free policy, citizens holding regular passports from the following countries can now travel to Iran for tourism purposes without the need for a visa. This policy allows a stay of 15 days (non-extendable)  within each 6 months.

The countries covered by the new visa-free policy include: 

  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Belarus
  • Vietnam
  • Peru
  • Cuba
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tunisia
  • Mauritania
  • Tanzania,
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Indonesia
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia


Important notes of Iran’s visa-free policy: 

  • It is emphasized that the 15-day stay period is not extendable.
  • The visa-free policy only applies to Indian citizens who enter the country solely through the air border.
  • Citizens of the mentioned countries who have requests for longer stays or multiple entries for purposes other than tourism (such as business, entry, etc.) must apply for the appropriate visas.


Traveling to Iran from Other Countries: Check Our Iran Visa Guide

If you are not a citizen of the countries mentioned above, there’s no need to worry! We have got you covered. Simply visit our visa page for detailed information on how to apply for a visa to visit Iran. Whether you need a tourist visa, business visa, or medical visa, our comprehensive guide will provide you with the necessary steps and requirements to obtain your Iran visa smoothly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the wonders of Iran – start your Iran visa application process today!