Tipping can be a confusing and sometimes awkward practice, especially when traveling to a new country. If you’re planning a trip to Iran, you might be wondering about the tipping culture there. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about tipping in Iran.


What Services Deserve Tipping in Iran?

In Iran, you don’t have to tip. So, it won’t be considered rude if you don’t leave the staff any tips. While it’s common to tip in restaurants and cafes, it’s not expected in other places like taxis or markets. However, if you receive exceptional service, it’s always appreciated to show your gratitude with a tip. Here are some common situations where tipping is expected:

  • Tipping in Local Restaurants and Cafes

Tipping is expected in restaurants and cafes, and a tip of 10% of the bill is considered standard. It’s customary to tip in cash directly to the server. Some restaurants may add a service charge to the bill, so make sure to check before leaving a tip.

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  • Tipping in Iranian hotels

It’s common to tip hotel staff, especially if they have gone out of their way to make your stay more comfortable. You can tip the housekeeping staff a small amount each day, and the bellhop or porter around 1 USD per bag.

  • Tipping to local tour guides

If you hire a guide, it’s customary to tip them at the end of the trip. The amount you tip depends on the length of the trip and the quality of service. A tip of $5-10 per day is a good guideline.

  • Tips to the drivers in Iran 

It’s customary to tip your driver at the end of the trip, with a tip of $5-10 per day being appropriate.

  • Tipping in public transportation

Tipping is not expected in public transportation, such as buses or trains.


How to Tip in Iran?

In Iran, it’s best to tip in cash, as many people don’t have access to credit cards or online payment methods. It’s also important to remember that the Iranian currency is different from the US dollar, so make sure to have a good understanding of the exchange rate before tipping.


Important Notes about Tipping in Iran

While tipping is appreciated in Iran, there are some things you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t tip in foreign currency: It’s best to tip in Iranian Rials, as foreign currency can be difficult to exchange.
  • Don’t over-tip: While it’s common to leave a small tip in restaurants and cafes, over-tipping can be seen as excessive and may make the recipient uncomfortable.
  • Don’t feel obligated to tip: Tipping is not expected in every situation, so don’t feel like you have to leave a tip if you don’t want to.

Tipping in Iran can be a confusing practice, but it’s always appreciated to show your gratitude for exceptional service. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you’re tipping appropriately and making a positive impression on the locals.


Wrapping up

It’s important to note that tipping is not expected in every situation, and it’s best to use your discretion when deciding whether to tip. In general, if you receive exceptional service, it’s appropriate to show your appreciation with a tip.