With no doubt, one of the main concerns of every traveler to a new destination is safety. Considering that Iran is located at the heart of the Middle-East, safety becomes a bigger issue for tourists. However, despite all negative stories and news about Iran, you will surely experience nothing except happiness and safety in the country. When you travel to Iran, you will notice how much Iranian people are respectful, friendly, hospitable and welcoming toward tourists. What should not be forgotten is that even in the safest countries in the world you need to be careful, and it’s the same story in Iran. You just need to use your common sense, follow the simple rules, and respect the local culture. In this way, you will have an amazing trip to every place in the world, including Iran.


Is it safe to Travel to Iran?

Despite the negative news about safety in Iran, according to two international studies, Iran is as safe as European countries. Here are the results of these two international reports on the level of safety in Iran. So, if you are asking yourself is it safe to travel to Iran, the simple answer is: YES!

1. 2019 Travel Risk Map

The report was launched by global risk experts International SOS in collaboration with Control Risks. It shows the danger level in each country and territory based on the current threats posed to travelers by political violence, social unrest, and violent and petty crimes. These threats include terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest and war, sectarian, communal and ethnic violence.

Factors such as the robustness of the transport infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the effectiveness of the security and emergency services, and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also taken into consideration.

The map lists five categories of risk: insignificant, low, medium, high, and extreme.

Very few countries manage to make it into the “insignificant” bracket; in Europe, only Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland are put in to this category.

The majority of European countries are deemed low risk, including the UK; as are Iran, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan in the Middle East. Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand are all of low risk too.

“Extreme” risk countries are almost exclusively in Africa and the Middle East, including Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan, and Somalia.

The map was released in conjunction with the Ipsos MORI Business Resilience Trends Watch 2019 report. The latter shows that a significant number of business decision-makers – 43 percent – expect travel risks to rise in 2019.

Alongside the Travel Risk Map, a Medical Risk Map and Road Safety Risk Map for 2019 have been launched. The medical ratings are given by assessing a range of health risks and mitigating factors, including infectious diseases, environmental factors, the standard and availability of local emergency medical and dental care, access to quality pharmaceutical supplies, the requirement for medical evacuation and cultural, language or administrative barriers.


2. Danger Ranking by Safe Around

Safe Around has analyzed data from several public sources to make a safety index that allows ranking the world countries by safety (100=perfectly safe; 0=very dangerous). These sources take into consideration all kinds of threats such as mugging, crime, road death toll, the occurrence of terrorist attacks and wars. By analyzing all these factors, they released the report to show danger ranking in each country.

In this list, Iran stands in the 95th row, which means that the country is relatively a low-crime one. According to this report, there are only three areas that people are advised not to travel to:

  • The areas east of the line running from Bam to Jusk
  • Sistan-Baluchistan Province
  • The area within 20km of the entire border of Iraq

Safety in Iran in international blogs and websites

Are these international reports not enough for you, and you still have concerns about safety in Iran? Are you wondering what real people think about “Is travel to Iran safe?” If yes, here we have gathered what people from around the world wrote about safety in Iran in their blogs and website.

The most popular and reliable website and travel book, the Lonely Planet describes safety in Iran by saying that: Iran is generally a very safe place to travel. So much so that many travelers describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’. Or ‘much safer than traveling in Europe’.

Dave and Deb are a Canadian adventure couple who have left their careers to travel the world. They have been to 115 countries so far and were named one of the top travel influencers on earth by Forbes. They believe that Iran is safe for Americans and women to visit.

Kami is a solo female frugal traveler from Poland. She believes “the whole “solo female travel in Iran” thing turned out to be really cool and easy there, and I enjoyed every single bit of it! Iran is one of the best solo female travel destinations I’ve been to.”

Nellie is an adventure travel blogger, tour leader, and a new mother. She is on a quest to visit every country in the world. What she says about Iran is that: “Iran is generally safe to visit as long as you follow the rules of the Islamic Regime.”

Since 2007, Annie has lived in 8 countries on 4 continents and visited 87 countries. She visited Iran in 2018 and she says Iran has the most hospitable people and great architecture. In addition, she believes that Iran is safe, accessible, and totally easy to navigate for a solo female traveler.

Naomi is a Travel Blogger from the Netherlands. She traveled to Iran as a solo female traveler for 2 weeks in February and March 2017. She traveled in touristic areas like Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, and Kashan. Here is what she says about her own experience in Iran:

Is it safe to travel to Iran? “That was the single most asked question people managed to come up with when they heard I planned my 2 week trip to Iran. I can only answer that question with YES.”

Still, need more convincing data on the level of safety in Iran? Here are two videos of Iran by Drew Binsky and Peter Santenello. Drew makes daily travel videos for millions of viewers on FB + YT, aiming to inspire young adults to travel while shattering stereotypes that the world is unsafe.



Peter’s aim is to pique people’s curiosity with authentic content that inspires them to explore the world. He tries to interact closely with locals.