From its endless green valleys to its mosques, Iran is a country that will make any visitor return. With a rustic charm that overwhelms you at every corner to its lively ambiance that will infect you, Iran is definitely a country you need to visit, but not today! Iran – home to the ancient Persian civilization and with 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – joined the list of coronavirus-affected countries on 27 February when several Covid-19 positive cases were reported. Read the following article for more information about coronavirus in Iran.


Coronavirus in Iran 

The infections, first limited to only one small city- Qom- have eventually spread to all other regions. Unfortunately many other countries in Middle East, and Canada traced their local cases to Iran.

The Iranian government took measures such as screening and suspending major community events during early times of the coronavirus outbreak, and has eventually announced closure of educational institutes and hygiene/disinfection measures at airports. Similarly, the Iranian Ministry of Health recommended social distancing and acknowledged that the country’s larger aged population poses a challenge.

At the same time, a ban on traffic on some of the country’s roads, particularly [roads to] touristic provinces, was approved and put into practice in order to fight the coronavirus outbreak. According to Tehran times, The government has also took the extraordinary step of locking down much of the country’s north, restricting movement for non-locals through various checkpoint in regions that serve as the country’s popular destinations for domestic holidaymakers.

corona virus in Iran


Covid-19: Iran to witness impact on tourism

Like everywhere else around the globe, Iran’s Tourist hotspots are seeing a dramatic decrease in visitors due to ongoing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. As Al-monitor described: “Coronavirus gives kiss of death to Iran’s tourism industry before Nowruz” 

The last month of the Persian calendar, which ends on March 21, is actually the most booming period for Iran’s tourism sector because it culminates in Nowruz, the Persian New Year, a national two-week holiday. The entire country takes on a festive mood, marked by an elaborate set of rituals, family gatherings and travel. Obviously, domestic travel in Iran traditionally reaches its climax from mid-March to early April, during Nowruz holidays (Persian New Year). But now, Iran temporarily closed cultural heritage museums and historical sites in 15 provinces in a preventive measure amid fears of coronavirus outbreak. Besides; Ali-Asghar Mounesan – tourism minister – asked people to postpone or reschedule tours so as to help the tourism industry over the virus outbreak.


As a result of global concern about coronavirus, many other countries, advised to temporarily avoid travel to Iran, unless essential. Consequently, most of the airlines have restricted or cancelled the number of flights to/from the country, and some people have had difficulties getting back to their countries or traveling abroad. Associated industries such as hotels and restaurants are likely to see a significant fall in business due to knock-on effects of Covid-19. Unfortunately with the entire country locked-down, the impact on industries is likely to be much deeper than initial estimates.