Tehran, as the capital of Iran, has many tourist attractions, and Milad tower is one of the most famous of them. This high tower, as the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world, is now a modern symbol for Tehran. Together with Azadi Tower, they are both considered as urban symbols of Tehran. Milad Tower includes lobby (the entrance of tower), shaft (core structure), head structure (top building), and antenna (telecommunication and TV mast). In addition to such applications as facilitating and expanding radio and television coverage, it is considered as an entertainment and cultural complex for tourists.

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Iranian Hall of Fame Museum

Iranian Hall of Fame Museum is located on the fifth floor of the head structure of this Tower at a height of 271 meters, containing wax statutes of Iranian literary figures made by Dr. Alireza Khaghani to be visited by the public. These silicone statutes seem very natural. Statutes of Sohrab Sepehri, Nima Youshij, Simin Daneshvar, Jalal Al-e Ahmad, etc. are exhibited in this museum. Also, earthenware containers as well as calligraphy panels created by famous Iranian artists are held in the museum.



Open Observation Deck at Milad Tower 

Open Observation Deck is located on the seventh floor of the top building of the tower at a height of 280 meters. Here, you have a 360ᵒ view of Tehran, and watching through different angles, you will notice how great it is. This open observation deck of Milad Tower is highly similar to that of Eiffel Tower in Paris. Through this open observation deck you will have a view of both old and new Tehran. While you are looking at the present Tehran through the window, some pictures and videos of old Tehran appear on the floor so that you will be also acquainted with old Tehran. So much change from old to new Tehran is interesting to reflect on, by any visitor. 



Sky Dome of Milad Tower 

The Sky Dome of Milad tower is a beautiful artistic work (glass dome with a height of 13 meters) designed by Dr. Reza Yahyaei showing 9000 years of evolution in Iran from the Bronze Age to contemporary era. The Sky Dome design has been inspired by the four elements namely air, earth, water, and fire, embracing such concepts as love, life, peace, and justice. The glass sky dome located on the last floor of Milad Tower is open for public visit.


Revolving Restaurant of Milad Tower 

Eating in a revolving restaurant and having a 360ᵒ view of Tehran is interesting. Milad Tower revolving restaurant completes a full rotation every 60 minutes. Eating salad you are directed towards north and while enjoying your main course, you are looking at the south or eastern part of Tehran. The restaurant is located on the sixth floor of Milad Tower, where you can have your food at a height of 276 meters. The restaurant can accommodate 300 people. It is better to book table in advance, as it is crowded. Breakfast is served only on Thursday and Friday; however, you can have your lunch or dinner all week in this revolving restaurant so that you would be served with various Iranian and foreign cuisines.



Other Restaurants and cafés

In addition to its revolving restaurant, Milad tower includes other restaurants and cafés as well, some of which located in the surrounding space of the tower. However, they are active under the Milad Tower brand. Freshway Restaurant at western Milad Tower entrance is a type of chain restaurants, holder of different quality management system certificates including ISO 9001. The restaurant provides you with a menu consisting of different types of pizza, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, etc. Eyvan Restaurant located on Nasr hills provides you with a view of Tehran at the foot. High quality Iranian dishes are served in the restaurant. Viuna café restaurant is located at a height of 226 meters in Milad Tower and is considered as an appropriate place to have snacks and refreshments.


Recreational Complex

There are many recreational centers under Milad tower brand, such as dolphinarium, zip-line, paintball, etc. located in open spaces around the Tower. There is the highest non-coastal dolphinarium with the capacity of accommodating 700 people. The water of this dolphinarium simulate exactly that of the ocean, appropriate for dolphins and seals living there. In the south-western side of Milad Tower, there is a 1500m2 area designed for paintball providing you and your friends with an outstanding experience. If interested in more risk and excitement, Milad Tower zip-line with 25m of height and 131m of length suits you. You can fly safely at the speed of 60-70km/hour during a very short period of time (maybe less than one minute); however, the resulted excitement cannot be described.



Last Words

Willing to have different experiments during a one day tour, you have to visit Milad Tower. In the Hall of the Fame and open observation deck, you can find tranquility.  With paintball and zip-line, you can experience excitement. You can enjoy revolving or other restaurant in this unique tourist complex in Tehran.