Eram Garden – A Window towards Heaven

Eram Garden is located in Shiraz and is one of the nine gardens in Iran listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has been initially constructed in Saljuk period, and then it has been renovated, and/or some buildings have been added to it during Zandiyeh, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras. Eram Garden in Shiraz has its […]

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Nasir-al Mulk | Pink Mosque, an Stunning Mosque in Shiraz

Nasir al-mulk Mosque is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Shiraz. The mosque has been constructed by Hasan Ali Nasir al-mulk in the reign of Qajar dynasty. It took several years from 1293 to 1305 (SH) for the construction of the mosque to be finished. Currently, Nasir al-mulk Mosque is located in Lotf […]

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