Fin Garden in Kashan – A Historical Garden and an Extraordinary Tourist Attraction (The oldest extant Persian garden)

Fin Garden is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in central part of Iran (Kashan). This garden is considered as one of the unique gardens all around the world in terms of architecture, history, and nature. Unique architectural principles applied, green space designed, paintings on ceilings, and plaster works on walls are just a […]

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Top 8 Ancient Caravanserais in Iran

Caravanserais in Iran are the witnesses of the Silk Road history and the passengers who traveled on these Persian mysterious roads. Maybe can say, Iran is considered the cradle of old caravanserais. The main reason for this claim is that most of Iran’s land was on the Silk Road in the past. Thus, the date […]

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Smoke-free City With BDOOD Bicycles

BDOOD (also Bidood), literally means “smoke-free” is the name of bicycles which are provided by “Pak Charkh Iranian” company aimed to reduce air pollution, increase general health, improve transportation system in Iran reduce transportation costs, Their Slogan is “smoke-free city with Bdood “. It was on the 24th Iran international ELECOMP (Electronic, computer & E-commerce) […]

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Discover The Best Deserts of Iran

Iran is one of the 20 largest countries worldwide, and it covers an area of 1,648,195 Km2 (636,375 mi2). The country is located in a high-altitude plateau and as a result of that there are ranges of mountains that are connected together and surrounded the whole country. Iran Desert includes two major deserts and some […]

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Zurkhaneh, A Place for Learning Integrity

Zurkhaneh, literally “The house of strength”, is a traditional gym where ancient Iranians have been exercising for more than 7 centuries. It also was a symbol of resistance when Arabs invaded Persia in 637 CE which kept alive a spirit of bravery and perseverance. This ancient sport is originally from Iran, although it can be […]

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