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Explore our Iran cargo ferry services between Iran and the United Arab Emirates!  If you’re planning a journey from Iran to the United Arab Emirates and need to transport your vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorbike, truck, or trailer, you’ve come to the right place. Our reliable and convenient cargo ferry solutions provide a hassle-free way to ship your vehicle across the sea. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a seamless transportation experience or a vehicle owner embarking on a road trip, our Iran to UAE vehicle shipping services are here to make your journey smooth and worry-free. Read on to discover how our trusted cargo ferry services can safely transport your vehicle between these two incredible destinations.

Cargo Ferry Routes between Iran and UAE

  • Bandar Abbas (Shahid Bahonar Port) to Sharjah (Port Khalid): One of the main cargo ferry routes is from Bandar Abbas in Iran, departing from Shahid Bahonar Port, to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, arriving at Port Khalid. This route operates daily in the afternoon, providing a convenient option for shipping vehicles between the two destinations. The journey typically takes approximately 7 hours.
  • Bandar Lengeh to Dubai (Port Rashid): Another prominent cargo ferry route is from Bandar Lengeh in Iran to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, arriving at Port Rashid. Similar to the Bandar Abbas route, this ferry also operates daily in the afternoon with an approximate travel time of 7 hours.

Cargo-Passenger Ferry

In addition to the dedicated cargo ferries, there is also a cargo and passenger ferry available for those who wish to travel with their vehicles. This ferry offers limited capacity for shipping cars and allows passengers to accompany their vehicles on the same journey. Departing only from Bandar Abbas, this ferry operates on Mondays and Thursdays, providing a convenient option for travelers who want to bring both themselves and their vehicles to Sharjah.

Essential Documents for Shipping Your Vehicle from Iran to UAE

When shipping a vehicle via cargo ferry from Iran to the UAE, there are several necessary documents that you need to prepare. These include:

  • Driver’s Passport: You will need to present a valid passport as the driver of the vehicle. Ensure that your passport is up to date and has sufficient validity remaining for your intended stay in the UAE.
  • UAE Visa: It is crucial to have the appropriate UAE visa to enter the country. Make sure to obtain the necessary visa in advance, as per the regulations of the UAE authorities. Different types of visas may be required depending on your purpose of travel and duration of stay.
  • Carnet de Passage: The Carnet de Passage is an international customs document that serves as a temporary importation permit for vehicles. It acts as a guarantee to customs authorities that the vehicle will be re-exported. Make sure to obtain the Carnet de Passage before shipping your vehicle, as it will facilitate the smooth importation process.

These documents are essential to ensure a hassle-free shipping experience for your vehicle. It is advisable to check with the relevant authorities and shipping agents to confirm any additional requirements or procedures specific to your situation.

Costs of Shipping a Vehicle from Iran to UAE

When shipping a vehicle by cargo ferry from Iran to the United Arab Emirates, it’s important to consider the various costs involved in the process. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:


  • Customs Clearance Fee in Iranian Port: Prior to departure, there will be a customs clearance fee at the Iranian port where your vehicle will be shipped from. This fee covers the necessary paperwork and inspections required for exporting the vehicle. Custom clearance is a flat fee per service. 
  • Cargo Fee: The cargo fee is another significant cost to consider when shipping your vehicle. This fee is based on the size and weight of your vehicle and is payable in cash directly at the port on the day of departure. It covers the transportation of your vehicle on the cargo ferry. The exact amount will depend on the specific dimensions and weight of your vehicle, so it’s advisable to send a request for an accurate quote. We can provide you with the precise cost based on your vehicle’s specifications.
  • Customs Clearance Fee in Destination Port: Upon arrival at the destination port in the United Arab Emirates, there will be a customs clearance fee for importing your vehicle. This fee covers the necessary paperwork and inspections required by the customs authorities in the UAE. The cost of the customs clearance fee will depend on the destination port and the specific regulations in place.

Vehicle Shipping Process from Iran to UAE

To initiate the vehicle shipping process, the first step is to send a request for an exact price quote. This will allow you to obtain accurate information on the total cost involved. Once you have received the quote and confirmed your intention to proceed, you will be required to make the custom clearance fee payment online.

After the payment is processed, we will assign an agent who will assist you at the port. It is important to arrive at the port one day prior to the scheduled departure day. The assigned agent will guide you through the necessary paperwork and procedures. You will be able to leave your vehicle securely on the ferry under the agent’s supervision.

The next day, you can collect your vehicle at the destination port. The entire process is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience for your vehicle.


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