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Bushehr, the center of Iranian province with the same name and population of 298594, is located in south of Iran at the edge of the Persian Gulf and is one of those cities that travelers who seek new destinations, enjoy exploring. In Bushehr, you will find an untouched combination of history, culture, nature and Amazing food. Below is the travel guide to Bushehr for the travelers who are going to visit this amazing city.

The antiquity of Bushehr dates back to Sassanid era and the kingdom of Ardeshir. The pieces of jars and other objects discovered from the sea and under the ground, prove that this port has been an important transportation and business spot and big ships where sailing here. The stone made tomb located in Borazjan, (the small town near Bushehr) and the hand carved crypts of Siraf Port are other ancient gems of this area. The museum of merchant navy in Bushehr is a complete collection, showing the ancient objects discovered in this area which tell the story of navy and fishing from very old days to present in Bushehr.

Rais Ali Delvari was the legend of Delvar and Bushehr, who stood against invaders of England during World War I and the locals are very respectful to him. His historical house in town of Delvar is restored and turned to a museum showing objects and documents from those days and his loyalty.

One of the major reasons why this city stands out among other southern cities and islands in Iran, is its distinctive architecture. With 2-3 floor houses, well-formed high columns and arcs and most importantly the eye-catching windows with stained glasses have doubled the beauty of this city. The Bougainvillea trees with sharp red flowers which grow over the walls are the signature of these magnificent buildings. One of the best activities that you can enjoy in Bushehr, is walking through the narrow alleys of old city district which still has an alive atmosphere. Locals still live in this part of the city and you can see the children playing and smell the aroma of the food getting cooked in the houses. The old district of Bushehr includes glorious mansions, consulates, churches and mosques in 38 hectares.  The interesting thing about Bushehr old district is that the houses were built close to each other and alleys are very narrow, so they have shadow which makes the area cooler during hot summer days of Bushehr.

People of this nice city are known to be so hospitable, warm hearted and fun! Music is a part of their life and many of them know how to play traditional instruments of Bushehr. During summer nights, locals of Bushehr gather in the sea parks and make a very happy atmosphere by playing energetic music, dancing and having street foods. The sea of Persian Gulf is a very important element in the life of Locals of Bushehr, their old myths and art. Many of them are busy with jobs related to the sea, like traditional and modern fishing, shipbuilding and making beautiful crafts with seashells.

Wow, Bushehri food! Get ready for pepper and sea food. It is highly recommended that you don’t leave Bushehr before tasting the food. Thanks to a variety of fish, shrimp, calamari and etc., Bushehr is the city of sea food. The traditional cuisines are cooked with lots of pepper and spices and are served with rice or bread. Ghalieh Mahi and Ghaliyeh Meygoo are the most famous cuisines of Bushehr, which are fish or shrimp stews made with coriander, garlic, spices and tamarind. Meidaf and Ghavam are well-known restaurants of Bushehr which serve sea food and other Iranian foods. During the holidays, when the city is crowded, don’t forget to reserve your table before. You can also enjoy the popular junk foods and street foods of southern Iran named Samosa and Felafel which are served with hot sauce as a snack.

The city and the province are known for having stunning beaches, which draw many tourists and nature lovers. There are lots of beach park in the city of Bushehr where you can enjoy a fantastic sunset and meet many locals. There are also beaches out of the city that are great places for camping and enjoying the sun. Nayband national Marine Park located 300 kilometers away from city of Bushehr is one of those fabulous places, with a rich flora and fauna. Apart from the beaches, Bushehr is known for its vast lands covered by ever green palm trees, creating a beautiful southern landscape. These fruitful palm trees have caused Bushehr to be an important exporter of date to other cities of Iran and even other countries. Among other natural attractions is the salt dome in Dayyer town, which is an individual natural phenomenon.

Considering the hot weather, the best time for traveling to Bushehr is from October to March, when the weather is mild and the humidity is at a normal level. There are different suitable hotels and friendly eco-lodges and you can easily choose where to stay, while you visit Bushehr.

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