Smoke-free City With BDOOD Bicycles

BDOOD (also Bidood), literally means “smoke-free” is the name of bicycles which are provided by “Pak Charkh Iranian” company aimed to reduce air pollution, increase general health, improve transportation system in Iran reduce transportation costs, Their Slogan is “smoke-free city with Bdood “. It was on the 24th Iran international ELECOMP (Electronic, computer & E-commerce) […]

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Discover The Best Deserts of Iran

Iran is one of the 20 largest countries worldwide, and it covers an area of 1,648,195 Km2 (636,375 mi2). The country is located in a high-altitude plateau and as a result of that there are ranges of mountains that are connected together and surrounded the whole country. Iran Desert includes two major deserts and some […]

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Zurkhaneh, A Place for Learning Integrity

Zurkhaneh, literally “The house of strength”, is a traditional gym where ancient Iranians have been exercising for more than 7 centuries. It also was a symbol of resistance when Arabs invaded Persia in 637 CE which kept alive a spirit of bravery and perseverance. This ancient sport is originally from Iran, although it can be […]

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Iran Safety – Is It Safe to Travel to Iran?

With no doubt, one of the main concerns of every traveler to a new destination is safety. Considering that Iran is located at the heart of the Middle-East, safety becomes a bigger issue for tourists. However, despite all negative stories and news about Iran, you will surely experience nothing except happiness and safety in the […]

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Eram Garden – A Window towards Heaven

Eram Garden is located in Shiraz and is one of the nine gardens in Iran listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has been initially constructed in Saljuk period, and then it has been renovated, and/or some buildings have been added to it during Zandiyeh, Qajar, and Pahlavi eras. Eram Garden in Shiraz has its […]

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